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Cold Beverages

Apple or Cranberry Juice10.00
1/2 Gallon (10 Servings)

Orange Juice20.00
1 Gallon (20 Servings)

Iced Tea2.25
(Unsweetened) 18.5 oz. Bottle

Bottled Water1.00
16.9 oz Bottle

Assorted Sodas1.50
(Diet & Regular Coke, 7 Up) Cans

La Croix Sparkling Water1.50

Hot Beverages

Regular, Decaf Coffee and/or Hot Tea
Includes Creamers, Sugars & Sweeteners, Stirrers, Paper Cups

Airpot 22.00
(Approx. 14 Cups – Return Charge May Apply)

Caddy 25.00
(Approx. 13 Cups – Disposable)

50 Cup Cambro 60.00
(Return Charge May Apply)

100 Cup Cambro 110.00
(Return Charge May Apply)

Catered Events

Available With Full Service Only

Full Beverage Station 4.50/PP

Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Tea, Iced Water, Regular/Decaf Coffee, Hot Tea

Hot Beverage Station 2.00/PP

Choice of Peerless Regular, Decaf Coffee and/or Hot Water with Assorted Numi Teas and Accompaniments

Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Tea* 2.50/PP

In Pitchers or 3 Gallon Glass Dispensers
*Standard Orange Pekoe Black Tea; we also have Decaf Cinnamon Spice or Hibiscus on request

Bar Services

Bar Services Ask for Quote

Available only with Catered Events

  • Wine and Beer